Published January 11, 2021, 12:00 am

Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccine

According to recent research and advances in COVID vaccine preparation, a company successfully developed a working vaccine for treating the COVID pandemic.

A company named Moderna announced its success in research on 30,000 of the population. According to this research, only 11 people suffered from coronavirus after vaccination. More than 94 percent of the population did not develop any symptom of coronavirus infection after vaccination.

According to the scientists, they were not expecting the results to control coronavirus infection among patients successfully.

The company has decided to request the FDA to authorization this vaccine as a EUA (emergency use authorization) vaccine. This company is also seeking a green signal from other agencies as the European Medicines Agency.

Vaccine statistics
According to the researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, there were remarkable results of the vaccine research on the infection's 95 total cases. These results were more than the expectations of the researchers.

This Moderna’s vaccine for COVID-19 relies on mRNA technology (messenger RNA) for coding a protein that binds with the surface of the microorganism or pathogen.

Two other companies, BioNTech and Pfizer, also developed similar vaccines having RNA mechanisms against the coronavirus infection. These vaccines are also having an efficacy of more than 95%, according to their analysis on 45,000 of population. In these studies, only ten severe cases of coronavirus were persistent.

All these companies' collaboration states that vaccine works almost similar in degrees of efficiency in all the genders, ethnicities, and age groups.

More than 7,000 individuals in the Moderna trial were having age above 65 years,while more than 5000 individuals were under the age of 65. These older individuals were at high risk of developing coronavirus infection. This study included almost more than 11,000 individuals from different communities.

All of these results are equally satisfying for other bodies who are trying to introduce the new forms of vaccines to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The recommendations of the committees can influence the decision of the CDC regarding the prioritization of the vaccines, but there are individual guidelines for the individual states.

According to financial statistics, Moderna received about one billion dollars from the United States government (Operation wrap speed) to develop these mRNA vaccines. The CEO of Moderna states that all of this federal money was invested in staging clinical trials for the COVID vaccine. He also stated that there could be more delay in the preparation of the vaccine without this help. This research study was 100% effective in the prevention of severe coronavirus disease. This vaccinepreparation has collaborated with the Vaccine Research Center and the NationalInstitute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

According to the CEO, the company intends to produce 20 million vaccines by the end of this year in December 2020. The company further plans to increase this production from 500 million vaccines to a billion vaccines in 2021. For vaccination, every person needs two dosages of the vaccines every month apart. So, about 20 million vaccines will only meet the needs of 10 million of the population.

Pfizer claims that it can produce about 50 million vaccine doses in the coming year, while half of these vaccines will go to the United States population. Thisvaccine also needs two dosages for the vaccination of patients. 

Prioritization of population
There will be a distribution of population for vaccination. 

The first shots of these coronavirus vaccines will go to certain groups of people,which may include:
• Health care workers
• People in security and essential workers as police workers
• People working in critical industries
• Residents and employees working in nursing homes

Coronavirus mortality data states that there were more than 100,000 deaths due to coronavirus in the United States’ long-term care centers and nursing homes. The reason for prioritizing the health care workers and nursing home employees is that they serve as front line warriors and caretakers. These population groups are more vulnerable to contracting the virus and suffering from the disease's severe intensitythan the other people in the community.

In the United States, the White House is abruptly contributing to the coronavirus vaccine's progress to save millions of its inhabitants' lives. According to President Trump's spokesman, this progress is five times faster than any vaccine preparation in history.

About 13.3 million individuals in America contracted this virus, while more than about 265,900 individuals died due to the severity of this disease. In November2020, there were new coronavirus cases, which led to 25,500 mortalities due to the vaccines' unavailability in the United States. Whereas, globally, there is an increasing shift in coronavirus cases, with 62 million new cases and 1.5 million mortalities due to infection.
Researchers are working around the world to make vaccines for coronavirus. Untilnow, there are more than 70 vaccines in the pipeline for testing. Whereas, 11 of these vaccines, including Moderna’s vaccine and Pfizer’s vaccine, have large-scale clinical trials to check the efficacy of the vaccine.

Another vaccine by AstraZeneca is also in progress, which showed some positive results. According to the results, this vaccine was 90 percent effective in those individuals who had half the vaccine dosage. While this vaccine was 62 percenteffective among individuals who had two dosages of the vaccine at different intervals. For this vaccine, researchers are working on more data to yield satisfactory results.

Price of the vaccine
According to Moderna plans, this company will charge about 32 to 37 dollars perdose in the developed countries. According to their CEO, there will be more reduction in the price of the vaccine for other countries in the world. This company collaborates with the other covid vaccines facilities to reduce the global vaccines' inequities by distributing and purchasing their approved products.

Moderna aims to provide this vaccine at the cheapest rates for the under-developed countries. This company says that they want to provide the maximum vaccines around the world to succeed in the fight with COVID.

EUA request
FDA has announced a meeting with the relative companies and vaccine advisory committee. This meeting will have an in-depth discussion on December 10th,2020.
CEO of Moderna states that FDA will review their application as early as December 17th, 2020, to check its efficacy. He further states that this agency may issue a EUA after 24 to 72 hours.

According to Bancel, CEO of Moderna, this vaccine has high efficacy for mild and intense illnesses. This vaccine is equally working for all the patients, whether health care workers, elderlies, diabetic patients, obese patients, or patients suffering from heart diseases. 

This company hopes that other companies and countries around the world also succeed in making the successful coronavirus vaccine. At this time, the world needs several other vaccine manufacturers to prepare and distribute the workingvaccine to finish the era of this pandemic.

The CEO of Moderna states that their company is not beginning shipping their vaccine across the country. They will not ship the vaccine until they get emergency authorization.

At this time, the need for the availability of the coronavirus vaccine is inevitable. Governments are finding their ways to introduce working treatments and vaccines. 
Until now, there is no mRNA vaccine in the market. That is why scientists are showing their scepticism regarding the use of this vaccine as it contains mRNA.